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Bodybuilders Make The Worst Trainers

bad trainer

The title alone will easily rub most bodybuilders the wrong way. But guess what? Too bad. But also let me be clear, this is meant for pretty much all lifters, not just bodybuilders. Of course there's always exceptions, but my opinion is based on the majority. I first started working out at 15, a little young. Maybe. By the time i was 18 i decided to pursue a career as a trainer. I specifically wanted to learn how to train people. Now days any gym rat who looks half way decent and has a instagram page considers themselves a trainer for some reason. For the most part, i could care less. The problem is, the average goer just doesn't know any better. They see these bodybuilders or daily gym rats and ask for their advice. For some bizarre reason they have this idea that because they've been lifting for "years" or because they're "in shape", that they're capable of getting someone else in shape. Let me make this as clear as possible. Just because you can train yourself, does not give you the right or any sort of level of experience to train someone else. I was a trainer years before i ever decided to get into bodybuilding, maybe it was for the best. Because going through all these certification classes, and learning all aspects of fitness allowed me to train nearly any type of client, and feel comfortable doing so. Trainers are meant to be teachers, maybe if it didn't take a day or two to get some of these low level certifications, there wouldn't be such an overwhelming amount of bad trainers out there. But in most cases, a lot of these guys don't even have that low level cert at the very least. Why is it someone goes from out of shape to in shape in 16-20 weeks for the first time in their life, and all of a sudden they assume they can train someone else? I see it every day. Instagram and facebook has only made it worse. Average guy goes from looking horrible to getting in half way decent shape, next thing you know. They start posting up "message me for diet plans" or "dm me for training prices". Nothing pisses me off more. They spend a few months getting into shape with who knows what diet methods or what fat burners. But of course they appear to be in shape, so that makes them a nutritionist now, or better yet a certified trainer? Yea i guess that makes sense.

By Chris Loftus